Videos From SHOFARI

Man Being Kicked By Horse (The Man Is Me)

Hallway Races (I Am Racing With My Son)

My Son and I

My Granpa Vs. A Bear

Me Going 1-on-1 With Michael Jordan

Me Playing Extreme Sports

Enjoying Relaxation The Arnold Schwarzeneggar Way

Fireworks By Me

When I Wake Up In The Morning

What I Think Of You

Me Starring In A Commercial

What I Say About Life

My First Job

My First Steps

What I Do When I Get Home From Work

What To Do What To Do

How To Copy A CD

Racing With My Colleagues

Driving Home From Work

The First Movie I Directed

Taking Out My Frustrations; A Documentary

A Documentary of My Third Son

The Home Video Of My First Trip To The Zoo

My First Olympics

My First T.V Show