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Alan is a Signal Scientist, i.e., his work is focused on the more scientific (conceptual & algorithmic) aspects of digital signal processing (DSP).   He currently works as a Senior Software Engineer with Authentix, Inc..   Alan has two sons, Jeremy & Brian.   Jeremy finished a year of Bible school at His Hill near Comfort, TX, and is now a sophomore at Multnomah in Portland OR.   Brian completed the Marketing (B.S.B.A) program (May'07) at UFL in Gainesville, FL, and is now working in sales at McNichols Company in Garland.   Shamim has an M.A. in Humanities, History of Ideas, from UTD, and a B.A. in Philosophy, which she started at UH (Houston) and finished (Dec 2002) at St. Ed's (Austin).   She was very cute at her graduation.   This was actually her 2nd B.A.   Her 1st was a B.A. in Humanities from University of Karachi (Karachi, Pakistan).   Both of Shamim's two sons live with us. Shoaib is also attending UTD, in his 4th year of a B.A. program.   Ahmed is in 10th grade at The Highlands School. Shamim's daughter, Aisha, lives with her dad in Sugarland, TX (near Houston), and is a Senior at Dulles High School.   Here are some fun Videos of Shamim & kids, etc.

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