News from Gary & Linda Pasquarell, 17 Jul 2004

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(Picture taken 7/17/2004)

A Well Has been installed in a nomad children's school, and it is producing a good supply of water! We are so grateful to God for His help in finishing this well despite terrible roads and rain delays. Thank you so much for your prayers! Please pray that the follow up health training and witness from local believers will bring the Good News in a powerful, effective way to the principal/teacher (same person!), and to the 30+ children who attend.


(Picture taken 3/30/2003)

Learning to be Well: Linda's group had a very succesful health training in two mountain villages. The local folks who attended our classes and then did most of the training did an excellent, excellent job. They communicated so effectively, both in physical health, but also in the spiritual health component. Joshua, our translator, did well, too. He realizes anew his need for the Word in his life, and really wants to see changes take place...

The weather was perfect. The hikes and drives over bad roads and paths were challenging, but all 11 of us made it safely. The Lord gave Linda grace over her fear of mountain roads in driving the jeep AND riding a motorcycle from one village to the next! We made so much progress in the villages in many, many ways. Details later, but just want you to know that your prayers were abundantly answered!!!

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