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Hey guys,
these are some pictures from Thanksgiving vacation in Dodson with Sarah.  I
thought they were neat!  Love, Christi

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I will send them to you.  I meant their e-mail addy's.  I scanned the pics in.  Here they are:

1- Christi and Sarah (Jeremy in bkg)

2- Our tour of the cotton gin

3- Fredonia in Oklahoma

4- Christi and Sarah out huntin with the boys ( I wasn't ready yet=))
5- Christi and Sarah with mamaw and papaw in front of the new porch
6- getting ready to leave. (With Brian, Alan, & Jeremy)

There are a lot of Christi and Sarah, but we tried to get everybody else too.
That was a fun trip.  Thanks everybody for the fun times.  Take care.
-Sarah Jane WIlson

Christi Hunt
333 Washington Blvd., #120
Abilene, TX 79601
(915) 673-9893

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