NSP Home Group Xmas Party, Sat 16 Dec 2006
White Elephant Gift Exchange at the Browns' - Comments by Steve Brown
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Duke got first pick and unwrapped a can of mixed nuts.
Let the fun begin!

Shamim's snowman

What in the world is this thing? Ehhh ...

Alan enjoys White Elephant parties waaay too much. Dan starts eyeing a steal

Dan to Duke (no lie): "Let me see those nuts, Mr. Cornell!" Moving along ...

Jean couldn't make it, so Bernice got to choose for him ...

... and of all the things she could have picked ... ... could there possibly have been a better gift??

Korbin unwraps something we all need more of:
a sappy Christian romance novel.

Duke is shocked that Jan also wanted to check out his nuts.

What is Ruth thinking?
"I can't believe they actually bought one of these things ..."

What a festive bunch!
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