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A Handsome Fellow

Si vous parlez FranÁais ...

New ASF motto: "We've upped our image quality, . . . Up yours! "

I'll never be able to express just how disappointed I was
when I found out that I'm actually NOT
the "Al" everyone keeps talking about.Bummer.

Who am I, then?Iím an engineer on the DFP IP Software Team.
You know, we work for that guy with the big moustache.
Iím pretty sure he used to sing with Three Dog Night.
They named a cigarette after him.

Actually, my business card says Iím a Senior Engineer, but
can you believe they still wouldnít give me any discount at Dennyís?

What is an Engineer?

Hereís how to contact me:

E-Mail: Alan@AlanKHunt.com

Office: 512-372-7127 -- Home: 512-338-9098

Cell Phone: 512-680-9098 -- 911: 911 -- Pi: 314-159-2653

And here's a sCaRy web site for you ...
My OFFICIAL home page
(Caution, it's more of me than you'll ever desire.)